How to Relieve Stress by Writing in a Spiritual Journal

Not only is a Spiritual Journal a good tool to use in keeping track of your spiritual growth, but it can also be used to reduce stress.   Being able to write down and organize your thoughts in a spiritual journal can provide relief from negative thoughts and difficult situations.


Everyday Life Situations

What is stress? Stress can be defined as any circumstance or situation that threatens one’s well-being, thereby affecting one’s coping abilities. There is good stress and bad stress. Even though stress is a part of everyday life, events such as arriving to work late, waiting in line, scanning over bills, getting a speeding ticket or losing your phone are all trivial events that most of the time, we brought it upon ourselves.  Can I get an amen?

How about the recent traumatic stress events to the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma? These are major stressful events that can trigger a cascade of other issues, such as trying to rebuild your home, or taking care of your family, and trying to find food and water to survive. Just looking and listening to the news about world events can be overwhelmingly stressful.


When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! Or instead of being stressed, why not treat yourself to some desserts (stressed is desserts spelled backwards)! Others find satisfaction by indulging in alcohol or drugs. Using these types of alternate rewards to accommodate stress levels can attribute to unhealthy behaviors and habits.

Let’s be real. Sometimes we are confronted with stress on every side and we simply just shut down.  There are others who attempt to pretend that everything is okay. Going this route could be a setup for something greater further down the road.  Stress can take a toll on the entire mental state of mind, our physical bodies and it also distracts us from the spiritual demands of God’s purpose for our lives.

“Failing to make this shift and you will lack the brainpower to fulfill your dreams.  Your stress provoking brain will continue to dump toxic stress hormones into your system, shrinking brain mass, limiting brain bandwidth, depressing your emotional set point and shortening your lifespan”.  (The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey)


Health Benefits of Journaling

Recent research studies have shown that there is increasing evidence to support the idea that writing or journaling about personal experiences can be therapeutic in providing mental and physical health benefits.  Expressive writing can have a powerful impact in offering a solitude place of refuge or relief to anger, stress and depression.

The benefits of journaling are great! The art of journaling gives you a chance to just let it go and release all the tensions and anxiety you’ve been holding on to. Try it! No one can judge you while writing in your journal, so just let it rip! It’s up to you, your mind, fingers, pen and paper! The situation may not change right away, but at least you’ve captured your thoughts between the lines of the paper and you will feel better!

Relieve stress by writing in your spiritual journal

Ayden Collins book, “Journaling: Empower Yourself and Master Stress and Emotions (Personal Improvement, Self-Therapy, Mindfulness, Stress)” says that we can use the powerful secrets of journaling to help combat stress, explore yourself better and uncover hidden talents.  Spiritual journaling is a practice that can help you relieve stress and improve your life for the better.

A preview of what you will learn in this book is:

  • The essence of journaling
  • How journaling can transform your life
  • How to start journaling simply
  • Easy ways to make journaling a powerful habit


Five Benefits of keeping a Spiritual Journal

  • allows you to connect with God about your stressful day
  • get to know yourself better
  • brings mental clarity about God’s will for your life
  • provides a review of your spiritual growth (if done on a daily basis)
  • reduces stress

How to Start a Spiritual Journal

  • Set aside at 20 minutes for writing. Start your quiet time with prayer and praise. Thank God for the stressful day! The Lord says this in Proverbs 3:4: “In ALL your ways, acknowledge him, and He shall direct your paths”.
  • Just start writing. Write about your deepest thoughts and feelings; your events of the day, life moments or whatever you feel like. Be spontaneous! Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. This is all about you! There are no rules here!
  • Purchasing a fancy journal is not necessary. A spiral notebook is good.
  • Filling up one page a day to include the day of the week, month and date.
  • Adult coloring journals are excellent tools also in being creative in relieving stress.


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