Online Dating Tips for Women – Think Smart


We have always heard “A good man is hard to find”.  I’m a true believer of God’s word when He said in Genesis 2:18: “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

With 2018 fast approaching,  single women are determined to find that special “boo” by ramping up the usage of  online dating. It can be fun, but it can also be risky.

The internet has expanded many opportunities for people to meet online and develop relationships through social network such as interactive virtual worlds, game rooms, chat rooms, blogs and online dating.

Attitudes are constantly changing in a positive way for users of internet dating.  More and more single people are using this phenomenon because they are looking for the promise of online romance.  Approximately 49 million Americans have tried online dating in an attempt to find that one true love.

Online dating has been very successful for many couples.  However, be warned! Meeting strangers online requires extra caution.  Even though online dating is a good way to meet people, everyone on the dating site is not looking for love.

Women are always more vulnerable to falling prey to con artists, thieves and wannabes.  Be safe and always guard your heart as well as your personal information.  Just because he’s good-looking doesn’t mean he’s “the one”.

People are at greater risk in online self-disclosure.  Self-disclosure is the act of sharing information about yourself with another person. This is information that you would normally keep hidden.

Women tend to be more openly self-disclosing than men.   When we self-disclose too much too soon, feelings of intimacy can develop along with irrational and emotional thinking.  It’s best to remain anonymous for a period of time. Anonymity protects your privacy.

Smart Tips – things to watch out for:

  • Use of poor grammar and spelling on profile
  • Profile changes from week to week
  • Profess to be in love with you almost immediately
  • Put an old or fake photo on their profile
  • Too eager to meet you
  • Offer to take you to a place you never heard about
  • Ask you for personal information
  • Sob story, then ask you for money


Ladies, you should always be in control of the conversation if you decide to meet. One good thing about online dating is that you have the upper hand. You don’t have to share your personal information and you don’t have to meet with them if you don’t desire to.

If , and when, you decide to make the choice to meet..…

  • Meet in an open area where there are people (mall, park, coffee shop)
  • Don’t let them pick you up on the first date
  • Text, text, text! Let someone else know where you are, the meeting place, etc.
  • Never leave home without your cellphone, mace and a sharpie pen!

A major concern with online dating is the fear of individuals misrepresenting or embellishing information.

Seven categories that online daters strategically misrepresent or lie about the most:

  • Personal assets
  • Relationship goals
  • Personal interests
  • Personal attributes
  • Past relationships
  • Weight
  • Age

Men who claim to earn high salaries gets the most attention and replies.  However they are more likely to lie about assets, goals, interests and attributes. They are also deceptive about their current relationship status.  Be wary of the status that says “separated”.

Women stretch the truth (lie) more about their weight and age. They are most likely to post older photos when they looked younger and smaller.

Looking for that perfect mate can be quite challenging. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely.  But if you are really looking for true love, these are extra steps you can take to protect yourself from scammers.

Smart steps to protect yourself against Internet Dating Dangers

  • Stick with reputable sites
  • Protect your personal information (don’t post personal info on your profile page)
  • Never send money or give out financial information
  • Conduct online searches (type a potential companion’s name in the web browser)
  • Pay for a background check (use if you want to date exclusively)
  • Follow smart tech security practices (beware of scammers who attempt to direct you to look-alike dating sites).

Search Engines

If you have found that special someone, do some research….especially if you find out their last name, and where they are from, etc.

Hassle-free people search engine: People Search

National Online Victim Portal VINELink

Online dating truly works!  Ladies, don’t be overly anxious, but be patient! Be truthful. Pray, ask God for guidance. He will give you the desires of your heart.


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  1. These are helpful for women
    Good blog
    I like meeting the old fashioned personally
    Sometimes I believe online dating and social media destroyed the dating world

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