40 simple ways to enjoy life and be happy


“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Are you taking time to enjoy your life? Well today is yours! Yesterday is over and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. You don’t have to stay the way you are. The gift of life is precious. It comes as a surprise every day. Unwrapping the gift grows with mystery and anticipation. Once opened, you will either be surprised and happy at what’s inside or disappointed because it’s not what you expected.

Yes, disappointments can come in pretty boxes too, but it doesn’t mean your life is over. Trying to find true happiness can be difficult at best, but remember what God said in Psalms 37:4 “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (NIV). Try to live a life of simplicity. Your days should be filled with activities and thoughts that are conducive to emotional healing. When you change your attitude and how you think and feel about yourself,  the whole course of your life can be changed into ways that strengthen, build character and confidence!

life is a gift


  1. Love yourself
  2. Keep good friends
  3. Trust your instincts
  4. Believe God, trust God, love God
  5. Meditate, pray
  6. Empower yourself with inspiration
  7. Breathe out fear, breathe in confidence
  8. Volunteer
  9. Never give up on your values, prioritize
  10. Make better food choices
  11. Dare to change something for the better
  12. Be truly grateful
  13. Listen to music, sing a new song, dance to a different beat
  14. Scream – you’ll feel better
  15. Get rid of girl-frenemies
  16. Find satisfaction with yourself; be you
  17. Take time to stop and smell the roses
  18. Accept being single…for right now
  19. Drink more water
  20. Eat luscious chocolate truffles
  21. Release negativity and toxic relationships
  22. Realize things are not always going to be perfect
  23. Buy a new frock; change your hairdo
  24. Ditch astrology signs and horoscopes; believe what God says about you!
  25. Take time out for yourself often
  26. Appreciate where you’ve been; celebrate where God’s taking you.
  27. Refocus, visualize your goals, write them down
  28. Open the door to new opportunities
  29. Close the door to schemes, scams, and crooks
  30. Let go of things that are out of your control
  31. Love people and forgive those that hurt you
  32. Forgive yourself
  33. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” (Oprah)
  34. Keep hope alive
  35. Embrace change and your unique self
  36. Remind yourself how awesome and beautiful you are
  37. Take daily walks to refocus
  38. Wake up energized and motivated
  39. “Don’t worry, be happy”
  40. Smile and have fun.

What are some of the things you do to keep you happy and motivated on a daily basis? Please share!

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4 replies

  1. I read my Jesus calling book. It encourages me everyday to walk in the promises of God. I also smile alot, it makes me feel good as well as people that I meet.

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  2. Great! I read “Jesus Always – Embracing Joy in His Presence”…great source of strength! I’ve
    always heard peace begins with a smile..so keep smiling. Thanks for responding!♥♥



  1. Her life is like an open book – Inspired to Breathe
  2. Finding beauty in brokenness – Inspired to Breathe

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