3 Single mom lessons learned

Precious jewels2

“She is far more precious than jewels” Proverbs 31:10 (NIV)

God has given us an array of gifts, talents, and abilities to carry the role of a mother and be one of the strong pillars that help hold the family together. For nine months, we bore the weight of our child, which is a precious gift from God. We  care for them and make time for them, even when we don’t have time for ourselves.

I went into “role overload” in being a super mom, doctor, nurse, teacher, trainer, cook, shopper, spanker, patrol, lawyer, power ranger and the list goes on. At times, I had to even become a super dad because I became a single mom. It was difficult to unexpectedly find myself in this situation after a breakup. However, you learn to deal with the emotional pressures that come with raising a child alone.

1. You can be a good mom and still say “NO”!!

Well, despite the increasing demands that children make us do, raising them is still one of life’s greatest joys! Without these little crumb-snatchers, life would be a bit boring. They bring out the best and the worst of us. They make us cry, laugh, spit, spend, invest, roll over, scratch heads, scream, sneak, disguise, dream, fuss, and fume! At the end of the day, we still love them…but the answer is still NO!

2. “The larger measure of love you use, the greater the possibility of receiving love in return”.

The theory of letting a child do what he wants to do without discipline, in hopes that they will develop their own naturalness leaves a bad taste on the palate. We all raise our children differently. My parents used a switch for discipline and some of us turned out ok! There was no such thing as a “time-out” corner.  You get switched first, then you go to the pantry room, stare at the walls and think about what you did and why you did it.

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3. We are each gifted with personal powers to make choices when it comes to being a great mother.  It comes with great responsibilities. So even though we are different, we are precious jewels in the sight of the Lord. We may not be able to leave our children fame, fortune or riches, but we can give them a sense of worth, value and love that reflects the values of God.

Regardless of our background, mothers are jewels that continue to bling-bling in the sight of God.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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