Give thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus
I Thessalonians 5:18

As we reflect on the season of thankfulness, we can always, always find something to be thankful for. Because of God’s unmerited favor, mercy and grace, our hearts should be bubbling over with joy!

However, we must realize that God never promised sunshine every day. There will be rainy days in our lives and unfortunately, there will be thunderstorms! It’s a struggle to be grateful when the storms of life begin to rain on our little parade. It’s difficult to be grateful when grieving over the death of a loved one; going through a painful divorce; fear of losing a job; or other tragic events that we experience during the festive times of the year. We all must deal with life challenges, but remember that no matter the weather of life, God will always be with us! Now that is His promise!

The Power of Being Thankful: 365 Devotions for Discovering the Strength of Gratitude: There are great rewards in being thankful! As difficult as it may seem sometimes, life can be much more peaceful when you begin to thank God daily, even through your darkest times. If you can rise above those challenges with daily devotions of prayer and thanksgiving, and acknowledge God’s blessings, you will discover the strengths of a grateful heart.

Gratitude changes everything!

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