Sharing the Gift of God’s Love




Dear friends, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.
I John 4:11



God speaks to us in many ways. He gave us life and called us to do good works that His grace might abound in us. God redeemed us and set us on a path filled with opportunities to be helpful to others and to be useful in accomplishing His work.

Be kind and build up one another and be the humblest of servants.

Practice being selfless. When we give selflessly, we are richly blessed by our Creator.

Love Christ, the one who loved you first, then share His message of love to others. Remember, what you give to help others, is nothing compared to the precious gifts that God gives you in return.

Acknowledge your unique self and unwrap those special spiritual gifts that God has placed inside of you! Be an example of God’s love this Christmas.

There is always something special in giving and sharing the message of Jesus Christ. The quality of our lives is not determined by what gifts we receive, but instead what we are able to share with others.

Be inspired to breathe!

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  1. Very nice posting. It is more bless to give than to receive. The Bible say give an it shall be give back to you, good measure press down shaken together running over..
    God is a giver and so we must be givers.

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