I am strong

Discovering who we are in Christ is an adventure, one that is unique, exciting and full of surprises. At times we become risk takers, dream and vision chasers. We also become victims of fear, failure, disappointments, and sometimes confused.

Never let setbacks and disappointments define you.

God has graced each of us with power and will to do amazing things. At times though, our plans are compromised by doubt and setbacks. Our focus turns to fear. Setbacks are are just one of life’s inevitable crossroads…a test of our faith. So, don’t get lost in the crowd of confusion and calamity! God is not the author of confusion. Trust that He is in control of the situation at hand and will help you succeed. Get up and try again. What defines us is not the setback, but it is how we rise from it. We can’t see what lies ahead, but God can!

You are blessed beyond measure.

In your greatest need of inspiration and hope, be reminded of God’s promises and His mercies which are new every day and everlasting. God’s desire is that we live a good life, complete with all the things that gives us hope and strength to overcome. His love gives joy… not fear. God has a specific plan for your life.

Embrace your uniqueness!

We are in a season of transition, but by the grace of God, we will survive the storms that life can bring! God knows everything about you. He designed you to thrive and grow vigorously.  Embrace who you are! God sees beauty even when we struggle with imperfections, hang-ups, and mess-ups. God is on your side so never give up on yourself. Become more than you dare to become. You are a promise, full of potential and purpose! It’s up to you to see the beauty inside of you.

Inspired to Breathe Bible Verse Wall Art
I Can Do All Things

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