Sprinkles of Mercy

Have you ever been overtaken by life’s simple frustrations like being impatient at a stoplight? Or the cashier runs out of tape or coins just when it’s your turn at the register? Or you’ve been in the drive-thru line for twenty minutes, waiting…. just for a cup of coffee! Uggh!

We become restless, anxious and frustrated just because things are not moving as quickly as we desire. At times we become impatient, waiting for God to answer and come through. We are so sure about what we want, but is this what God wants? Hummmm?

God is so compassionate. No matter what our challenges are, or how small or great our pressures are, God’s mercy is greater than any of our problems or fears. It is because of who Jesus is, that despite our shortcomings and weaknesses, His heart is full of love toward us..  He considers our simple frustrations of life important enough to provide sprinkles of mercy and love to guide us through every situation. Why? Because He cares and is concerned about everything that goes on in our lives.

So the next time you become just a little impatient or anxious about life, consider the generous mercies of God and the abundance of love that He continuously pours on us everyday.

Inspired to Breathe Bible Verse Wall Art
Great is Thy Faithfulness

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