Making the right choices with God

We have all made decisions in life that we wished we hadn’t made. Decisions that we’re not proud of. I know I have made several. Unfortunately, many of them were regrettable, but life goes on and you learn from those experiences.

Because we are imperfect humans, we will make mistakes. Instead of asking God for guidance in a decision, we get impatient and make a mess trying to solve it with irrational thinking and quick fixes, not realizing that some decisions can leave a permanent scar. When a decision-gone-bad explodes, we are disappointed and regretful.

Every decision we make comes with a truth or consequence. God has given us the ability to make wise choices if we only acknowledge Him, and let Him direct our thoughts and paths.

We make choices everyday without even thinking about it. Our choices affect everything we do. When facing difficult decisions, trust God completely; let Him fix it;  focus; tune out negativity and distractions; look to Him for guidance and wisdom. Be honest with yourself and think about the outcome of tough decisions.

Write down your thoughts and choices. List the pros and cons. Pray. God wants to help us. He observes our choices. He will give us the courage to face these challenges with clarity. He is always ready to protect us from sabotaging ourselves!

©Inspired to Breathe

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