Hello! I’m Sharon. I am a Christian Wife, saved by grace, a Mom and Mima (pronounced Mema…not memaw). I told my grandchildren to not call me grand-maw! I am also a teleworking research manager, church-goer, singer, keyboardist, praise & worship leader, writer and editor for my 92 year-old mom who is still writing and publishing books. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband, children, grand-kids or shopping, I like to relax and watch a nice hallmark movie with a hot cup of coffee. I also enjoy reading, writing, painting, designing, blogging, and most important of all…. sharing the greatest love of all….Jesus!

Welcome to my world!

What is Inspired to Breathe

Inspired to Breathe is a Christian faith blog; sharing bible verses and God’s promises to cultivate hearts of love and inspiration. The messages and words of faith are intended to remind you that the Lord is steadfast, even in the darkest moments of your Christian journey.

INSPIRED TO BREATHE came to me many years after my divorce. Emotional and physical abuse is real. In my season of abandonment, I felt like life was closing in and I was unable to breathe. I was drowning in hurt and self-pity without a life line. Just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean that we are exempt from life’s circumstances. But God’s love for me was more profound than I could ever imagine. It was God’s words of encouragement (and family) that resuscitated me from pain to purpose. It was through His love that I was inspired to breathe again! Living a life that reflect God’s goodness!

There is truth, power and comfort in God’s word. He has given us clear instructions that we should trust His plan, obey His word, believe His promises, and inspire others to do the same. Our life is best lived when we seek God’s guidance and begin to do the things we love to do for His glory. God really does answers prayers.

Inspired to Breathe Bible Verse Wall Art Store

Still sharing God’s word, I opened Inspired to Breathe Bible Verse Wall Art store. A store to remind you of God’s greatness through bible verse wall art! All images are digital and ready to print in the comfort of your home.

Ideas for wall art: Home décor, wedding gift, housewarming gift, encouragement card, or use for bible journal inserts, daily reminder memos, frame it for desk or nightstand, office décor, minister’s office, church lobby, bible covers, bulletin board, and the list goes on and on! Daily heart inspiration and encouragement. I hope and pray that you will be able to find that special bible verse promise that will have an impact in your life and in your home.

May God’s love continue to uplift you and cultivate a heart of love, promise and purpose. Believe what God says about you. Be hopeful and enjoy the blessings of the Lord!

I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Inspired to Breathe Wall Art