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Why I started blogging.

We all have had tough spaces in our life when we felt like our life was on pause. Many times, I had to hit the reset button to get my life back on track and move forward. Time heals all wounds. Soon, I began to realize that those experiences helped me to grow to become better, not bitter. Someone told me to “turn my pain into purpose”. At that time, I wasn’t sure what that meant. Everything happens for a reason.

A few years ago after the divorce, I began journaling my depressing story in a notebook, writing down the good and the bad moments, what I was thinking, how I was feeling, releasing the anger, talking to God, writing out the drama and all the mistakes I made, and what I learned from them. Every day I would try to list my struggles, emotions, and negative thoughts. A few months passed when I realized that my thoughts and writing had changed. Negative thoughts were replaced with happy thoughts.

So, I began to push the “pen” and blog with hopes of imparting the love of God through scriptures, quotes, testimonies, and creative inspiration.

Why I chose

I made so many mistakes when I started blogging. My website evolved from one theme topic to another over the last couple of years, but the overall message is the same. I tried several website builders such as GoDaddy, WIX,, and I had little knowledge about either of the software or about what I was doing. Through trial, error, YouTube videos, Amazon books, and other research, I decided to use the platform to best display my inspirational writings. With that being said, I can only share with you what I know about, which to me, is one of the easiest, best ways to start a blog for beginners. There is a wealth of information about using that is available. Everything I needed to begin and build the website was under the free blogging platform. The best way to learn about this powerful software is to just jump right in and learn it.

I started out with the free website at, but the free website had limitations and very restrictive. Depending on your purpose of creating a website will determine whether you just want a free blog to write, invest in an e-commerce business website or make money blogging online. After I became proficient with the free blog, I upgraded the site and now use the business plan for affiliate marketing.

What is a blog?

A blog is a series of published articles, personal writings, stories, creative content, reviews or other content organized by the date that it was published. A blogger contributes content by posting on a regular basis. You won’t need to know everything about the software right now, but hopefully, you’ll be a pro blogger in no time!

Benefits of blogging

Share your passion and express knowledge

Make a difference

Enhance your writing skills

Make money online

Connect/network with people

Things you need to know

So, you want to share your writing skills with the world by blogging. Most bloggers write to inspire and encourage one another. What is your niche? What is your passion? What will be your activity or purpose in creating your blog? What will you write or blog about? Who are you blogging for? Who is your audience? What will be the theme topic of your blog? What will be your blog name? The blog name (domain name) is what people will type in the browser when they visit your website.

Example: My website address is My niche is Christian inspirations/devotionals. Figure out your niche and blog website name.

You will need three basic things to get your website up and running:

  • Domain – your website address
  • Hosting – files, image, and text storage
  • CMS (Content Management Systems) – runs the website so users can read your blog on the computer.

The best thing about is that all three of these basic items come together with this platform. This is why I love it, especially for a beginner! com has a free blogging platform; however, you will have to pay for the domain name when you register the name for your website.

Click here to create your website at

Affiliate Marketing

There are so many ways to make money online. One of them is through the use of Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online that requires little investment. An affiliate marketer promotes an advertisers’ products on their website, and they get sales commissions when someone clicks on the link and make a purchase. Most of the time, the affiliate marketer needs a website to promote the advertisers’ products.

An Affiliate Marketer can also post banners and ads of other companies on their website. All the affiliate marketer needs to do is post useful content and attract website visitors to the website. This is a great way to make a little money on the side. However, one must upgrade the free website to a premium plan in order to monetize the website with ads.

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