Grace unleashed

God’s Grace! Unmerited Favor! It is no goodness on our own, we didn’t earn it, but God gives it. What a gracious God we have! Being a child of the King gains us access to the grace that covers a multitude of flaws.   Grace that covers mercy, justice, pardon, and favor! Grace that exceeds our … More Grace unleashed

When you need a friend

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not how much you know, it’s who you know.” It always helps to know someone higher or in a better position than yourself who can put in a good word and make things happen.   You have a friend called Jesus!! A friend who is faithful every day.  A … More When you need a friend

Let your light shine!

Regardless of the kind of day or week you have had, the word of God tells us that we should let our light shine. So, what kind of light have you been releasing lately? A shimmer, spark, colorful, wildfire, radiant, glow, flashy, blinding, bling-bling, auroras, dim, fizzled, or a flicker? Jesus is the light! His … More Let your light shine!

God of Restoration

Have you ever experienced one of those days when you needed a reboot? A fresh start? An auto-pilot reset? Maybe you just experienced a life crashing moment or a spiritual malfunction that just came out of nowhere. Just like a computer when it’s been hacked, it causes a widespread of trouble.  Some days, you just … More God of Restoration