Guard your heart

Your heart is the most valuable, life-giving organ in your body. It is the very essence of life, a priceless treasure.  When the heart is physically compromised with a unhealthy lifestyle, it can lead to stress and also cause a reduction of blood flow to the arteries. The same heart that beats, circulates blood and … More Guard your heart

When you need healing

God’s word has a lot to say about our life, including our health. Whenever our bodies are filled with pain, aches and illness, we will react by doing one of four things: call the doctor, take over-the counter medicine (thank you Lord for Ibuprofens), mix up our very own concoction for a quick remedy solution … More When you need healing

When you need comfort

God is concerned about everything in your life. His words of comfort and encouragement continues to relieve troubled hearts.  The vitality of our Christian journey depends on our relationship with the Father, who is well able to take care and love on us when we need Him the most! He gives us all the inspiration … More When you need comfort