When you need healing

God’s word has a lot to say about our life, including our health. Whenever our bodies are filled with pain, aches and illness, we will react by doing one of four things: call the doctor, take over-the counter medicine (thank you Lord for Ibuprofens), mix up our very own concoction for a quick remedy solution … More When you need healing

When you need rest

The awareness of who God is, is the foundation of our faith. Look around you. People are emotionally and physically drained by the pressures of life. We are plagued by uncertainties, doubts, and unexpected life surprises. No matter how hard we try, sometimes we are really stressed and burned out from worry. Remember, God is … More When you need rest

When you need hope

Life brings many challenges. Despite God’s promises and His love for us, we can lose hope and feel like we’re alone. In moments of adversity, we can fall into the traps of worry and discouragement.  During these times, we need prayer and encouraging words to remind us that God’s promises are true. We must set … More When you need hope